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Let’s us be responsible through our purchases and in the management of our computers and electronics devices when they arrived at the end of their useful life.
Wherever you are across Canada as Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary or Montreal put your computer and electronics devices recycling between the hands of Computer Recycling Canada.

Ask for an easy pick-up of your old computer equipment right away by filling that simple form on this this page.
What do you need to know about informatic and electronic recycling in Vancouver, Calgary or anywhere in Canada?
Computer recycling refers to what kind of devices exaclty?

Computer and eletronic recycling refers to everything related to computers and informatic components, including;
-Laptop, notebook and tablet of any kind,
-Desktop computer and computer monitor,
-Server, computer terminal,
-Computer input devices (eg. Mice, keyboards) and output devices (eg. Printer, scanner) but also video game consoles and their devices (eg. Joysticks),
-Smart tablet, graphic board and tablet,

And lots more…

Do you have many computers or multiple components and computers parts that you no longer use?
It is really important not to keep those informatic equipment in your storage if they no longer serve you.
Don’t waste any more space and time and contact Computer Recycling Canada now for an easy pick-up wherever you want.
We will take care or arranging an appointement at your convenience to come, collect and dispose of your old computer equipment without any cost for you.
Take notes that we also collect electronic devices of all kind as mobile phones, televisions, sound systems and lots more.

Why recycling computer hardware is important?

The recycling of electronics and other computer equipment reduces the environmental impact considerably of the targeted product in terms of design, use and end-of-life (or obsolescence).
This environmental impact (during manufacture, during use and at end-of-life) generally involves the components that an hardware package contains and also all the resources necessary for its design.
For these reasons, our IT equipment is a polluter whose recycling or recovery needs to be properly managed.

More information about end-of-life, manifacturing and use impacts.

For example, pollutants released by the manufacture of computer equipment, but also in the case of waste disposal (eg heavy metals such as mercury, lead or cadmium), will get to your plate by passing through the food chain. This is a danger that must be taken very seriously.

Also, the environmental impact on the use of equipment relates to the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (2% of all releases) as well as to high energy consumption we need for the use of it.

Moreover, the emission of carbon dioxide also occurs during the manufacturing of a computer equipment and is even more important compared to its use: 20 to 50 times more in the case of a computer.

In addition, the recycling of computer equipment and IT recovery allow the creation of local jobs while facilitating access to computer equipment, knowledge and informations to the general public.
Lack of computer and electronic devices recycling; beware !  Danger!
The absence of computer recycling has a huge part in the precipation of the worrying depletion of our precious earth’s resources.

Failure to recylcle computers and electronic devices is also a real danger for our health; in case of waste disposal by landfill (typical garbage), wild burial or even worse, in the case of incineration, many substances that it contains become toxic to humans;
-Contamination of our fresh groundwater,
-Soil pollution,
-Collapsing of our biodiversity.


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