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DROP-OFF Areas near you. Electronics Recycling in Ottawa.  Computer, Printer, Screen, Equipment. 20 Electronics Disposal Center. Green, Free & Certified

Staples (Bank Street)
403 Bank St., Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1Y6

267 Bank St., , OTTAWA, Ontario, K2P 1X5

Fisher Pharmacy Ltd
101 – 355 Montreal Road, , VANIER, Ontario, K1L 8H3

Best Buy Canada – Ottawa East (Coventry Rd)
380 Coventry Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 2C6

Best Buy – Orleans (Mer Bleue Road)
2020 Mer Bleue Road, Unit C2, Orleans, Ontario, K4A 0G2

Staples (Orleans)
2085 Tenth Line Rd., Cumberland, Ontario, K4A 4C5

BFI Canada Inc – Gloucester
2628 Glenfield Drive, , GLOUCESTER, Ontario, K1G 3V7

Staples (South Keys)
2210 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 1J5

Staples (Merivale Road)
1595 Merivale Rd., Nepean, Ontario, K2G 3J4

Best Buy Canada – Ottawa West (Nepean)
1701 Merivale Road, Nepean, Ontario, K2G 3K2

Staples (Barrhaven)
101 Marketplace Avenue, Nepean, Ontario, K2J 5G4

Staples (Campeau Drive)
8141 Campeau Dr., Kanata, Ontario, K2T 1B7

Best Buy Canada – Kanata (Kanata Ave)
745 Kanata Avenue, Kanata, Ontario, K2T 1H9


Learn about electronic waste and free computer collection services that can solve your e-waste problems. Check how you can qualify for free computer collection with Computer Recycling Canada.

Do you know what happens to old electronic gadgets you throw out?  You probably never thought of it, but considering that these gadgets contain valuable metals and toxic chemicals, you really should think about it.

Unwanted electronics, or electronic waste, is the fastest growing segment in a never-ending solid waste stream.  The fact is that more than 90% of the component parts from these old electronics are recyclable and can be refurbished for reuse.

There are over 44 types of electronics, including office equipment such as printers and phone systems, which can be safely managed.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, computer recycling Ontario can have a great impact on safety, business operations, and the environment.



In Canada, households produce an incredible 14.3 million tons of waste.  With the supervision of the Electronics Products Recycling Association (EPRA), 8 provinces are monitored and made aware that e-waste should never go to landfills.

Many private companies and stewards assist at the federal and municipal level to increase recycling initiatives and the proper disposal of electronic waste.

Since the average consumer keeps a television or a mobile phone or laptop less than 2 years, the problem of what to do with old electronics is something every Ontario resident must think about.

The smart and responsible thing to do is to drop them off at locations in Ontario and Quebec designated for collection of electronic waste (Best Buys, Staples, Eco-Centers).  By doing your part, we can all ensure that the next generation will continue to benefit from a safe and healthy environment.



Technology is life-changing.  It connects us to friends and family and powers our world.  It also delivers information right to our fingertips with the speed of light.

Every now and then, a new gadget appears in the market that is faster, cooler, and more powerful than the last one.  We have become addicted to new technology and we just can’t resist getting hold of the best one – whether we already need it or not.

We don’t want to just throw them in the trash so we stash them away somewhere.  Before we know it, we may have a room full of old printers, televisions, telephones, cellular phones, computer monitors, or copier machines.

But what do we do with the devices we don’t want anymore?  Have you tried dumping your old computer in the curb and been told you can’t? It is about time you find out about e-waste recycling and how you can benefit from it.

Individuals like homeowners can obtain free computers recycling Mississauga and electronic recycling Ottawa to get rid of all kinds of e-waste.



The fact is that you can’t throw out old computers and you shouldn’t. There are strict regulations about e-waste disposal in Ontario and the whole of Canada.  This is because the problem of e-waste is alarming and continuous to grow at an unprecedented rate.

Many of us have several PCs in the attic which had been set aside because they were not working, obsolete, or just plain old.  However, you cannot just put them out with your trash because Ontario e-waste regulations require that they be deposited at designated drop off points or turned over to responsible recyclers.

There are several issues before you can decide how to dispose of unwanted computers.  Is your priority re-use or recycling?  Are you okay to allow recycling companies to do it for you?

When you decide to take your unwanted PCs to drop off centers or arrange for free computer collection by recycling companies, they will assess and evaluate whether your electronics are still good for refurbishing.  If not, they will extract valuable materials and precious metals so they can be recycled.

However, you have a choice when it comes to protecting your privacy and identity.

Before disposing of your computers, make sure to delete all personal data. Simply deleting them doesn’t actually erase them because they are still stored in the hard drive.  Use a free eraser to completely remove files.

CRT-based monitors and TV sets contain hazardous chemicals and also rare metals and should be brought to the nearest recycling center.  Not all recycling centers properly handle waste so check that the company complies with WEEE or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations.

No matter where you are in Ontario, you can request for free computer pick-up or free electronic pick-up for recycling.


You may also bring them to any Best Buy, Eco-Center, or Staples store.

If you need disposal of old computers and other electronics, your options are to:
Recycle it.
In Ontario, computer manufacturers and distributors are obliged to participate in electronic product recycling programs.  that offer free computer or electronic collection.
Donate It.
It is a bit harder to arrange for donation but if you prefer, you may also donate computers to schools.  You can search for organizations that collect computers for donation to charities.
Resell it.
If your old electronics or computers are still working or you believe has value, you can also try to sell them online or to people you know.
As you can see, the easiest option is to recycle them. In just one phone call or two minutes using an online request form for collection, you can obtain a schedule for free pick-up of your electronic items for disposal.  It is so easy, convenient, and absolutely free!


Where to Recycle your electronics in Ottawa? (See Map)