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With an ever growing population, consumption of goods continues to increase until such time that over-consumption is reached unless we do something to prevent it.

This over-consumption leads to an increase in the demand for primary materials need for the production of consumer foods. In addition, waste also increases in an exponential fashion if we do not exert effort towards recycling and reuse.

When not recycled or treated in a responsible manner, old electronic devices pose serious dangers to the environment and the quality of air and water, as well as people’s health. Dangerous products are released following the abandonment and degradation of these products. Furthermore, if these goods are not properly recycled according to established standards, they can still be dangerous for people and the environment.

Some problems that arise when old electronic goods are not recycled

We may not realize that computer and electronics contain dangerous products like lead and heavy metals such as barium, strontium and sometimes zirconium. These substances pose serious dangers to the health of the brain, nervous system, kidneys and other organs, causing cancer, learning disorders, intellectual disability, disorders of the nervous, circulatory and reproductive systems, etc.

why recycle my electronics in Ottawa?

Many problems will continue to increase as electronic products are disposed. These includes computers, screens, and servers that pile up in garbage dumps or scrapyards where time and the elements take their toll. We must take care of these hazardous wastes properly and do our part in the responsible management, recycling, and reuse of these materials in a proper and conscientious manner.

The Importance of Recycling Computer Equipment in Ottawa

That is why it is so important to recycle old computers and electronic devices. This can be done by telephoning a recycling company such as Computer Recycling Canada to collect the items free of charge and oversee the recycling and salvaging process. Another alternative is to drop off these items at Futureshop, Staples, Best Buy, or other similar drop off points. These will be sent to recycling centres that sort out the metals and other products contained within.

Reuse and revaluation

There is also the option of reuse of computers, laptops, servers, etc. to reduce the environmental impact of e-waste. Due to consumers’ desire to exchange their items for newer ones, electronic devices that are still in good working condition are sometimes discarded for newer models since they no longer meet our needs or expectations. In such cases, Computer Recycling Canada can evaluate the item’s value and give it a second life in the hands of someone whose needs it still meets at a much lower cost.

In addition, revaluing old computers, laptops, screens, etc., allows people with less financial means to have access to these devices at a more reasonable cost. Reuse is also the most effective way to reduce pollution, as it implies less waste, for example by cutting down on the gas produced by re-melting of materials. By employing these two options, we can succeed in better preserving our own health as well as that of the environment.

What do I do if I don’t have at least 5 PCs for pick-up?

You can simply drop off your equipment at any of our free drop-off centers. (Staples, Best Buys, Eco-centers)

Do you still accept computers and TVs that are not in working condition?

We accept for recycling all computer equipment and TVs, regardless of their condition.

Can I get assistance for unloading my equipment in your drop-off areas?

Yes, someone will help unload your electronics on site.

Do I pay anything for recycling computers or pick-up?

No, recycling is absolutely free. Computer pick-up is also free as long as the number of your items reaches a minimum of 5 PCs.

When will you pick-up my items?

If you call for free pick-up, it will be scheduled within 48 hours. You will be informed of the date of collection.  You can also fill-out the online collection request form and provide the quantities for pick-up and we will notify you one or 2 days prior to collection date.

Can you buy my old but working computers?

Unfortunately, we don’t purchase old computers even in good working condition. You may want to contact your manufacturer.

Where will reusable products go?

Reusable electronic products are assessed by qualified technicians. Computers can be upgraded (memory, processor speed, hard drive capacity) and are resold.

What happens to my data?

You should delete personal information from your computers before drop-off or pick-up.  Data is also destroyed during recycling.

What if there is no drop-off location near my residence or I don’t have a car to drop them off?

You have two options. You can arrange for free pick-up of your items if you have at least 2 computers. If the number of items doesn’t qualify for free pick-up, you can contact your city or check their website for information on e-waste services or curbside pick-up of electronic items.

Electronic & E-waste Recycling Tax in Ottawa

What happened to the HST tax I paid when I bought my item?

This environmental handling fee goes to the safe and responsible disposal and recovery of end-of-life electronics.  The money is for collection, transport, and processing or waste as well as financial incentives for service providers. This covers the cost of recycling items dropped off at OES approved collection sites or events.

Do collected items go to other countries for disposal?

The collection, sorting, and material recovery we do takes place in Ontario and our other locations in Canada.  Hazardous materials cannot be exported to non-OECD countries or non-EU member countries.

Where do you have locations in Ontario?

We have multiple locations across Ontario. We provide Old Computer Recycling OttawaMississauga, Brampton, London, Kitchener, Oakville, Vaughan, and Richmond Hill.  We are pioneers for old Computer Recycling Equipment in Ottawa.

If you have other questions, you may contact us at Info@ComputerRecycling.ca.


Old Computers Recycling Equipment in Ottawa must be recycled

Our mission is to promote reuse as much as possible. We also strive to reach maximum recovery of all natural resources and zero landfill for end of life products.

We aim to make it as easy and convenient for you as possible to dispose of your obsolete electronic equipment. With our guarantee of 100% erasure and destruction of data, you can have peace of mind that your data does not fall in the wrong hands and that your old equipment will be recycled safely and responsibly.

For businesses and individuals, we offer quick and free pc recycling services in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec, and most parts of Ontario.

Schedule your free pick up today with our short online collection request form.


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