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Green Service for your Electronics batteries & Computers Recycling in Richmond Hill

And what about recycling old batteries? What do they contain?

Metals used in the manufacture of these batteries include heavy metals such as mercury, lead and zinc. There are also other metals such as lithium. The recycling of the batteries we use must be taken very seriously: the burial of the batteries or their incineration allows the contamination of the environment, in particular the pollution of the water.

Suitable recycling centers are able to receive and treat such components instead of dispersing them in the wild at the risk of compromising our health (e.g. cancers, reproductive disorders, neurotoxic effects …) and destroy our environment. On the other hand, pollution of soil, water and air can also come from other sources such as sulphuric acid.

Why Disposal my  Electronics Battery in Richmond Hill with Computer Recycling Canada?

we recovers all battery and battery models without any exception and not just small batteries: lead batteries, batteries of various electronic devices, small batteries … Our challenge: to minimize the batteries that reach each year the dumps of our cities.

While just for you annual battery consumption is about approximately  $ 120 million, only 6% of these batteries are recovered and recycled while the remaining 94% are still destined for landfills.


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