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Electronic Recycling Mississaga. Computer, laptop, printer, accessorie, screen… Many centers near you where you can drop-off all your recyclable items.


Scary Facts about the Dangers of E-Waste

E-waste that is improperly collected usually ends up in a landfill.  Many European countries have taken strict measures to prevent that from happening.

Here are some of the ways that your e-waste could harm YOU and the ENVIRONMENT.

Non-renewable resources 

  1. Producing the technological devices we use every day consume resources like gold and other precious metals. Others like coal are consumed to produce the electricity needed to use technology.
  2. Manufacturing technology creates a massive amount of waste because outdated electronics get thrown out. These electronics contain hazardous materials that are unsafe to the environment and to humans.
  3. These toxic materials pose health hazards such as cancer. Biodegradable materials are found in electronics such as heavy metals and toxic substances like mercury and lead.  In time, these can leak into the ground where they contaminate the food chain and our water supply.
  4. Some of the bad effects of these toxic materials include diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. Consuming contaminated foods can cause a build-up of toxins in your body which can’t be processed properly by the body and will be difficult to remove from your system.

Technology is exciting and very useful but we should never overlook the negative impact of technology on the environment.  It is critical that we dispose of technology with computer recycling mississauga in a responsible and safe manner so that we can create a healthy environment for future generations.


You may think there is little you can do to save the environment but with one small step such as e-waste recycling with computer recycling mississauga, it can already go a long way to ensuring a greener Earth.

Recycling companies assist with Ontario’s e-waste recovery and recycling program by disassembling electronic goods to retrieve precious metals that are re-usable as well as electronic components.

Some of the key benefits provided by electronic recycling Ontario include:

  • Recycling of 95% of useful materials that can be retrieved
  • For every 1 million cellular phones, 772 pounds of silver, 35,000 pounds of copper, 33 pounds of palladium, and 75 pounds of gold are recovered for reuse.
  • 70% of collected equipment by recyclers is reprocessed into commodities and new products such as steel, copper, lead, circuit boards, glass, plastics, and aluminum
  • Recycling end of life electronics reduces greenhouse gases and conserves natural resources used up in the manufacturing process

Computers for Recycling in Mississauga

Did you know that 70% of toxic products that the average person throws in the garbage are in fact electronic waste? Even if they only represent 2% of everything we throw away, the simple act of disposing of PCs, laptops or other electronic devices (even if you don’t do it often) in fact quadruples the quantity of toxic material that we release into the environment. Many toxic products such as beryllium, chromium, mercury and even cadmium, which are carcinogenic, are found in our old electronic devices, and therefore it is strongly recommended to recycle this material in specialized centres.

It’s easy to recycle your computers in Mississauga

You may often hear about electronics recycling, which implies the salvaging of e-waste and especially computers. But maybe you still ask yourself how it concerns you. To put it simply, we can say that as consumers of computers and electronics, we are also the source of a new kind of problem: electronic waste. Some might ask themselves, “but what does this mean?”

Let’s admit it – the best would be to use our electronic equipment as long as it still works, and not always feel obliged to run after the latest models, which are more efficient, better equipped, and have higher functionality in general, but whose lifespans are growing shorter and shorter. In effect, while the lifespan of these new products continually tends to shorten as they come onto the market, the environmental impact of their production and transport is in fact enormous. One single computer represents more than a ton of CO2, which is equivalent to what an African produces in an entire year, according to www.econum.fr. And what can be said of the primary materials that go into this single computer? For its production, it will have required an immense quantity of primary materials, equivalent to about 100 times its weight – 373 litres of petroleum, 2 800 kg. of primary materials (including 1 500 litres of water) and 22 kg. of chemical products.

Electronic Recycling in Mississauga

Clearly, these primary materials were not made available at the blink of an eye, most having been extracted and treated before being ready for use. What is more, the production of the item in question will have been the source of 164 kg. of waste. It doesn’t take an expert in mathematics to understand that the primary materials required for its production, as well as the waste that ensues, are of greater importance in comparison to the weight of the computer itself, whose user may get rid of it after 5 years, knowing that its lifespan is actually closer to 3-6 years.

It is important to address this issue of waste, because the primary materials contained within our electronic equipment are, for the most part, becoming more and more rare on our planet. Our electronic gadgets contain precious metals, rare earths… but do we really think that these resources come from infinite supplies that we will always be able to draw on? Surely that is not the case. An excellent alternative to waste: recycling. Effectively, our electronic waste is rich in precious materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, gold, silver, indium and even platinum, and neglecting to reuse these substances clearly increases the enormous waste problem that already exists.

Free collection service at your office

Businesses and individuals in Canada are adapting the green movement and are already demonstrating a strong sense of ecological awareness. If you are concerned about the environment and want to ensure an effective method of recycling your computers and electronic devices, trust the computer recycling mississauga team. We aim for the highest environmental standards. We specialize in recycling and salvaging computers and electronic devices from Ontario and Quebec and take great care of our clients to ensure they receive a high quality service that meets his or her needs.

In order to respond to the growing demands of small and large businesses, Quebec PC now offers a free computer and electronics collection service. There’s no need to worry about how to transport your used equipment – if you have a minimum of 10 computers to recycle, all you need to do is fill in an online form, whether you’re in Quebec or Ontario etc.

From salvaging to reconditioning: a responsible choice

Once your electronic materials reach the Quebec PC warehouse, a specialized technician will analyze clean, and dismantle it as necessary in order to prepare the item for recycling into primary materials. Equipment in good condition is tested, all information removed, then reconditioned to be sold at very competitive prices favorable to salvaging of materials.


Drop off points close to home!

Another solution, more adapted to individuals and small businesses, is to take your articles to one of the many drop-off points that exist in the province of Quebec. If you have a few electronic items to be recycled, the incentive program for in-store drop off points developed by the EPRA (Electronic Products Recycling Association) has allowed all retail stores to accept electronic products destined for recycling.

Big retailers have followed the movement: Best Buy, Staples and Eco-Center are now points of drop-off for your used or obsolete computer and electronic items.

Best Buy

With a strong commitment to the conservation of natural resources, Best Buy pursues a policy of environmental protection through salvaging and reclamation. The retail chain takes measures to reduce its energy consumption and ecological footprint. It is also a drop off point for electronics recycling to prevent old electronic products from ending up in Canadian landfills.

As a computer and electronics giant in the Canadian market, it believes it is very important to recycle electronic products responsibly. It has thus taken a huge step and does its share by accepting common electronic items in all of its stores as well as by providing resources to the government recycling and recovery programs on a national level.


Staples’ salvaging initiatives in environmental matters permit the company to manage its activities in a more sustainable way. Staples prevents burial of your used materials sold in all its locations, recycling 8 million pounds of electronic waste each year. There you can recycle products such as telephones, ink cartridges, computers and batteries.

ALL Eco-Center

Visit the EPRA site to find out about all the electronics collection points close to your home. It’s simple, easy and free of charge! All you need to do is enter your postal code to find the drop-off points closest to you.


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