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Electronics may contain proprietary or sensitive information. For this reason, many businesses hesitate to give old electronic equipment such as computers for recycling.

It is strongly recommended that consumers and businesses wipe away sensitive and confidential information before they turn-over electronic items for recycling. For help in erasing your data, consult the manufacturer or your owner’s manual.

With Computer Recycling Canada and all our other e-waste recycling centers, we make sure that your sensitive information is destroyed.  Hard drives and other storage media are 100% cleared by physically shredding the element where data is stored.

Only thereafter are electronic equipment upgraded or refurbished for resale or melted down for recycling.

To assure customers of the safety of our processes, we provide a Certificate of Destruction free of charge.


In Ontario, recycling goes hand in hand with reuse for end of life technology.  When equipment is not used anymore, heavy metals contained therein are hazardous and can be toxic pollutants when incinerated or sent to landfills.  These materials become even more dangerous when they come in contact with fire and air.

With rapidly growing technology, consumers discard electronics that are still in working condition to exchange for newer models.  Computer Recycling Canada in Markham can evaluate and give these products a second life at lower costs for those who want it.

There are individuals and organizations that can benefit from upgraded or refurbished equipment.  The scope of our operations includes testing the operating statuses of computers to determine what can be replaced so they can be reused.

Reuse can effectively reduce pollution and cut down on harmful emissions from the manufacturing process.  In addition, recycling materials by recovery of metals contained preserve our environment and conserve resources.

Recycling leads to sustainable reallocation of important natural resources, significant reduction of energy use in production, and a cleaner and healthier world.


As a business owner, you will be surprised at the amount of waste generated by employees day after day.  Did you know that you can save on costs for storage and energy by eliminating e-waste?

We know that it is important to recycle but we forget or postpone doing something about it.  You can contribute significantly to Ontario Recycling Programs by initiating your own among your employees.  By taking the lead and setting an example, you can do a lot to keep e-waste away from Canadian landfills.

In many instances, recyclable materials end up in the wrong place because employees are not aware of a better alternative than placing them in the trash bin.

Further, ink cartridges, batteries, and discarded components get tossed out or simply stored in boxes and forgotten.

If you want to do more to protect our environment and reduce the waste generated, you can implement a recycling program at the workplace.

Below are helpful tips for starting recycling awareness programs at work.


To many people, determining what items should be in the trash bin and what belongs to the recycling bin is not clear.  Are ink cartridges recyclable? What about batteries? It is important to know what items qualify for recycling at the start of your program.

From the onset, identify and separate regular recyclable waste like plastic and paper from e-waste. You can check the Ottawa Recyclable Materials as your guide for identifying recyclable materials and how to separate them correctly.

Moving on to e-waste, your research into recyclable materials will reveal that there are many items you can’t put in garbage bins.  These include electronic items and components that should go to e-waste collectors like Computer Recycling Canada for proper handling and recycling.


Recycling programs are only as good as those who are willing to support and participate in it.  It is critical to get employees on board to achieve success.

  1. Place recycling bins in offices and cubicles.
  2. It is also best to designate an employee responsible for e-waste and its collection and disposal.
  3. Instruct employees to separate items that qualify for e-waste collection. If unsure, check the list of recyclable materials for collection.
  4. Inform maintenance staff about the importance of recycling and your goals.
  5. Identify an external company that can collect your e-waste. There are junk removal companies that charge a fee but they may not be equipped or trained to handle the substances of concern that pollute the environment.  The best thing is to contact a recycling company that specializes in e-waste disposal.

Are your offices drawers cluttered with old batteries, cables, or used mice? Do you have old copier machines, computers, or scanners stock-piled in a room?

Removal of e-waste and e-waste recycling is as important as plastic and paper recycling.  Ensure that you incorporate it in your recycling program.

A survey conducted in 2011 of over 400 provinces in Ontario revealed that over 2/3 of businesses implement a plan for end-of-life electronics.  Regardless of the size of your business or organization, it is important and good business practice to recycle electronics.

Recycling can help a business in many ways by eliminating the need to store obsolete technologies, protect intellectual properties, and increase brand reputation.

Do you need help with your computer recycling need? You can contact Computer Recycling Canada in Markham for free computer collection.


Are you wondering what happens to electronic waste collected from consumers and businesses?

A lot of everyday items should never end up in landfills but instead made into something new that would continue to be useful to society.

Many recyclable products from e-waste can yield metals and other materials for new products, as follows:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Silver
  • Gold

The safe and responsible diversion of e-waste keeps them away from Ontario’s landfills. Precious metals cost a significant amount in primary extraction and it is important that our natural resources are recycled and conserved.

Low quality materials are turned into scrap iron after crushing and sold to smelters for purification and re-sold.

How Free Computer Collection Works

We are happy to provide free computer collection for all homes and businesses in Ontario and Quebec.

If you have accumulated a lot of old monitors, printers, and cellular phones with cables and other computer peripherals, it will take a lot of work to eliminate them.

With our free electronic waste disposal, you can save on your time and efforts.

To qualify for free computer pick-up, you only need a minimum of 5 computers to recycle with your television.  For copiers, you need at least 10 Pcs for each copier machine. Otherwise, there is a $100 fee for the service.

We can haul away your old laptops, VCRs, batteries, modems, outdated telephone systems, keyboards, and more to rid your home or office of e-waste clutter.

Within 48 hours of your telephone call or upon completion of our online collection request form, we will inform you of the schedule of collection.

Most importantly, you have a guarantee that we will handle recycling in an environmentally safe and responsible manner. We also ensure the safe and total destruction of your data for your security.


Can’t drop off your electronic items or computers in OES designated areas? We understand it can be difficult especially when you have large or many items to dispose of.

It is so easy to dispose of unwanted electronic items cluttering your home or business. You have the convenient option of arranging for free computer disposal.

Here are 3 easy ways to handle e-waste disposal:

  1. Separate e-waste and ensure you qualify for free collection.
  2. Contact Computer Recycling Canada or our other recycling centers to request collection.
  3. Wait for our truck for proper hauling and disposal of your electronic waste.


There is no need to wait until you have accumulated enough e-waste for free pick-up services.

It is not advisable to keep discarded electronic items in your basement or garage as they contain toxic materials that are hazardous to your health.

The DIY option for e-waste removal is voluntary drop-off in convenient locations across Ontario and Quebec.

Note that each store can only accommodate a limited number of items.  Don’t bring TV’s larger than 32 inches to stores but rather drop them off at eco-centers.

Drop off your electronic waste in the following designated areas:

  • Staples stores
  • Best Buy Stores
  • Check other drop off points in Ottawa by finding the nearest location.

Don’t just turn to any garbage hauler to get rid of your e-waste.  It is important to choose a recycling service that is responsible, reliable, and would promote reuse and recycle concepts for end of life technology.

For all your electronic recycling needs, contact any of our locations in Ontario  for free computer collection.


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