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The recycling of computer is more only a notion which we evoke during a debate on the conservation of the planet, it is the gesture which we make in favour of this cause and Quebec is not outdone. In Canada, it is the province which holds the record as for the biggest production of waste. This is the way in 2004, the province recorded around of 1,7 million metric tons of metallic residues having been produced. However, it is also the one who/what has most appeal to the recycling as for the treatment of this waste.

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The recycling of computer presents many advantages, among others the reduction of the need in energy with regard to the one that requires the extraction and the production of new raw materials. To give an example generally, the recycling allowed an exploit in the sense that 65 % of the steel which we use at present is made by material obtained by this process.

In this sector, there are now companies in Quebec which specialized in the recycling of computer and among the materials which interests them we note the recovery of ferrous metals but also non-ferrous. In example, we can quote the copper or the aluminum. Moreover, it is interesting to know that metals are materials which retrain in the infinity.

In how many stages takes place a recycling of computer by a free electronic pickup in Edmonton?

The recycling of a computer by a company or a specialized body takes place generally in two phases. First of all comes the collection and then the reconditioning or the dismantling.

During the collection, you should not neglect to detect the presence of dangerous materials and to prepare a taking delivery of materials got back in conditions adapted to avoid any skid concerning the safety or still concerning the health.

In a procedure of reconditioning, except for the cleaning beforehand, the company can proceed to tests to estimate equipments without omitting to erase the data which stayed there, especially if the former(old) owners meant him(it).

As a reconditioning leads(drives) generally to a resale, the company will also have to assemble again the computer before installing(settling) him(her) an operating system as well as all the pilots(drivers) and other software necessary for its functioning.

However, it also happens that the reconditioning concerns spare parts of the computer. In this case, these can be resold after their discount(delivery) for level or still used on another material(equipment), always within the framework of the resale.

As for the dismantling, it is a very important stage and not to take lightly. It is the alternative addressing rooms(parts,plays) which can not any more benefit from repair or from reconditioning. So, after extraction of the still reusable rooms(parts,plays), the others will be sorted out to join sectors(networks) of valuation.

Considering the potential danger which all these operations represents, the dismantling has to follow carefully regulations in force in a concern(marigold) of safety(security) but also environmental protection and the health. For that purpose, all the staff allocated to the dismantling must be informed and trained(formed) in these words, in particular as regards the toxicity of rooms(parts,plays) or equipments which concern them.

Recycling of cable and room(part,play) of computing worn

Your computer & Electronic for dispose is worth gold, recycle him!

Among all the components which we find at a computer, metals are the ones which are the easiest to recycle, among which the steel or still the gold. And exactly, the latter does not leave unmoved in the point to activate(start) a small rush towards the old computers!

This is the way we do not count any more the containers of electronic waste which arrive of everywhere, landing(turning up) in Pakistan, more exactly in Karachi and it is the computers which are majority in these containers.

During the treatments(processings) of this waste, there is really no protocol of safety(security) nor sanitary protection organized(been organized), so much the recovery(recycling) of materials to resell them is what imports(matters). The idea to get back this gold instead of drawing from appearances(mines) is however interesting given that the course(price) of the gold knows a real fit.

How to extract the gold of a motherboard?

It is possible to extract these tiny golden quantities on our motherboards in a craft way but obviously, it will be with big precautions. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know that the golden quantity obtained after operation is really lesser and it is more careful to leave this operation to the professionals, and it is not what what is lacking at our home(with us).

By using an electrolytic cell(unit), we can get back the gold on the fine brooches on motherboards. Brooches will be placed in the copper anode and during a broadcast(emission,issue) of electric current in the cell(unit), the copper is going to dissolve to settle on the cathode which is lead whereas the gold sediments at the bottom of the cell(unit).

After the bath settled, it is necessary to get back the biggest quantity of possible sulphuric acid before diluting the rest, always taking care of paying(pouring) the acid into the water to filter the solution afterward.

What stays in the filter will then be dissolved in a mixture made hydrochloric acid for 35 % and of bleach in 5 %, in a proportion of 2 for 1. Thanks to the obtained dichlore, the gold will be dissolved and will train(form) some golden chloride.

We leak out second time so that there is any more no golden chloride in the solution and it is necessary to precipitate him(it) to have some metallic gold. To do it, we can use of the meta bisulfite of powder sodium.

Later, a brown powder will stay at the bottom of the bowl. It is some metallic gold which he(it) is going to need then to melt with an appropriate blowtorch and it’s done.

This « craft »(« home-made ») process is different from what companies use, the latter resorting(turning) to chemicals which are more dangerous still. However, recover from it to a specialized company is more indicated, whether it is for your own health that for the environment, when you want to make recycle your computer.


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