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Don’t be fooled, Our mother earth does not have infinite or inexhaustible reserves!

In June 2008, the magazine “Sciences et Vie” published an estimate on the metals present on our planet and that we exploit the most.
According to this estimate, we only have left, for example:

– 13 years of reserve for silver;- 17 years of reserve for gold;- 20 years of reserve for tin;- 22 years of reserve for lead;- 31 years of reserve for copper;- 40 years of reserve for nickel.

Otherwise, in the event of continued over-consumption by industrialized countries, it will take less than 25 years to exhaust the stocks of minerals essential to our modern economic development. This is far from reassuring for the future of our planet, both ecologically and economically.   Let’s do an ecologycal favor to our planet by encouraging reuse and proper recycling of or computers and electronics waste.

So, instead of drilling into the bowels of our planet to make new products or repair an existing one, why not recycle and reuse all secondary components and parts or even all those raw materials that can be recycled?Abandoning your computer equipment in the nature or by burying it, without any proper and secure processing, is very dangerous for the environment.  Remember some of those dangers: pollution of the ground and soil, contamination of our phreatic table and tap water, collapse of the biodiversity, but also for the health of everyone.

Instead, it is way better to entrust your computer equipment that arrived at the end of its useful life to Computer Recycling Canada.

And what are the dangers to health? The consequences on the health are disastrous!
In the case of waste traffic from computers, mainly in Asian countries such as China and West Africa, no measures or safety instructions come with the treatment of highly polluting products such as brominated flame retardants, cadmium or lead.

Plastic components are burned in the open air by individuals, most of them without any knowledge of the processes to be followed, which are then subjected to harmful emissions (dioxin, arsenic, mercury).This is not without affecting health because these harmful emissions can be carcinogenic for them or at least cause them « more bearable » ailments or illness such as discomfort, sleep problems or chronic headaches. It is important to note that these effects are not only about adults but also, and especially, affecting young children.

Besides recycling, computer recovery / reuse is for whom?

Computer recovery is for the current user to pass by his computer to another user.

In this case, the computer is still operational, but only obsolete as to the use for which it was previously intended. Some parts replacements or repairs may be required to keep the computer operational.

It is not always easy to find a new user for a computer whose performance no longer meets the needs of the initial user. Try to think of an individual, a craftsman, an organization or a company …


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