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According to Wikipedia, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is a category of waste consisting of end-of-life equipment, operated by electricity or via electromagnetic fields, as well as production, transfer and measurement equipment. These currents and fields.

Thus, among these WEEE, one can note end-of-life electronic devices as well as computer devices including computers. In Montreal and elsewhere, why is it important to better inform and educate the public about electronic and computer recycling and the recycling of computers?

Recycling computers in Montreal: what is our interest exactly?

The recycling of computers allows us to preserve the resources of the Earth

In the first place, it is advisable to think about preserving our resources, although the components of these devices that we have acquired and that we have used are not necessarily extracted from our own soil.

Indeed, to manufacture these equipments, it was necessary to use several components which allow them to function. These include plastics, heavy metals, but also precious metals.

To take only the example of a computer, the quantity of raw materials required for its manufacture is about one hundred times its weight, including 373 liters of oil, 2,800 kg of raw materials (1,500 liters of water) and 22 Kg of chemicals.

During the extraction of these raw materials as well as their treatment, there is also question of pollution, besides the manufacture itself causes 164 kg of waste.

Recycling of computers: an alternative to far more polluting practices

Subsequently, when the equipment is no longer used, the heavy metals it contains are potentially hazardous and / or polluting in the event of landfill or incineration. This is the case, for example, with toxic substances that will turn into more dangerous toxins (dioxins, hydrocarbons …) upon contact with air and fire. Mercury, lead or arsenic and cadmium, which are already toxic substances, will turn into toxins that will cause, in particular, congenital anomalies and cancers.

As a result, the recycling of computers as well as electronic and computer recycling in general is far from being a whim of scientists or ecologists. In addition, the issue of preserving resources can be raised, again, as recycling allows the recovery of some precious metals and other materials that the equipment contains.

Thus, it is entirely possible to recover and process these materials (steel, glass, copper, aluminum, plastics, etc.) so that they can be used again in the manufacture of other electronic and non-electronic equipment.

Recycling Computers in Montreal: How Does It Happen?

In general, recycling includes two processes, including the upgrading of computers, or other electronic and computer equipment, and the actual recycling of such equipment. Thus, it is common to rehabilitate some equipment that still works by replacing items that are no longer functioning and recycling them. Furthermore, in the event that the apparatus is no longer in working order, it is recycled, as are its components.

Note also that it is not uncommon for users to separate from their computers because the functionality of the computers is no longer appropriate for their activities or because they have become too slow and it is also common for computers Be abandoned in favor of other models more in vogue.

The upgrading of computers

It is possible to carry out the revaluation of the machine to make it available to other people or organizations who need it and whose activities are within the scope of the performance of this first once it has been put At the level.

After the collection, it is a question of carrying out tests to check the operating status of the computer and to determine the elements that need to be replaced, which can then be recycled.

It is essential to emphasize that it is always preferable to secure the professional and / or personal data included in a computer before any other step of revalorization and we can very well realize it for our clients in Montreal.

Moreover, as a result of data security, it is best to perform a physical shredding of the element used to store the data in order to ensure that it can no longer be used for the purpose of recovery Malicious of these.

Thereafter, functional improvements are made for an optimal upgrade of the machine which can be used or resold by its next purchaser. Note that our box is one of the best companies that specialize in collecting and recycling computers in Montreal.

Recycling of computers

Recycling computers means taking all the materials they contain and can still be reused. They can be metals and precious metals as well as other materials including gold, glass, silver, palladium, copper or even tin.

Within our company, this recovery is carried out under conditions that comply with the safety standards in force in order to ensure the safety of the technicians who make it, but also to preserve the environment and the health of these first.

We then proceed to the treatment of these recyclable materials by first sorting. The materials thus treated, ready for reuse, will be made available to any purchasers by us.

Again, all stages of the recycling of computers in our facility are subject to strict conditions, in keeping with a concern to preserve the health of all and to protect the environment.

A brief overview of other alternatives

It is possible to bring your computer to the ecocentres of Montreal, where access is non-paying if you do not want or can no longer use it. For more information, you can call 514 872 0384 or visit the site of the city of Montreal.

From the outset, it is always advisable to contact the ecocentre before going there and at the entrance you will be asked to present proof that you live in Montréal, identity.

In addition, do not hesitate to contact your municipality if you have doubts or questions about the collection and recycling programs that exist in the territory on which you are located.

In addition to your equipment manufacturer’s recovery and recycling program when purchasing new equipment, you also have the option of contacting organizations that collect computer equipment directly for the benefit of those They form and this is the case for the CFER.

When it comes to collecting and recycling computers in Montreal, the philosophy of our institution preaches full respect for the environment and the use of sophisticated professionals during all our efforts. To benefit from our know-how or to have more information about what we do, please contact us at

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